industries we serve

industries we serve

We partner with our clients in the retail, convenience, government, hospitality and corporate sectors to develop the best custom solutions to meet their specific needs.   Just Neon’s team of experienced designers and engineers work together with interior designers, architects, construction managers, and general contractors, from plan review to fixture take-offs, to create flexible, functional environments. Our priorities are simple: creative thinking; “can-do” attitude; dependable, UL and CL-approved products delivered on time; excellent price value; and superior customer service.

retail branding

Your brand is important to you. At Just Neon we work together with you to design specialty lighting, store signage and fixtures that offer brand consistency across the board. Just Neon can help you create a well-designed, efficient, and inviting environment for your customers. Our quality checkout lights, pre-wired power poles, electrical distribution systems and store signage, including aisle markers and on-shelf point-of-purchase displays, all work together to create a pleasing shopping experience for your customers and maximize brand visibility.

Convenience signs

Your customers want convenience, and so do you! With Just Neon’s cost-efficient LED signs, you can help your customers instantly find what they need. All our signs are available in various shapes, sizes, thicknesses, colors, and configurations to suit any need, and are completely customizable. And with our ACLinx™ modular wiring system, you can create a custom-tailored power distribution network throughout your store, powering gondolas, coolers, and other in-store stations such as coffee and convenience foods quickly and easily.


We know that your ultimate goals are to provide outstanding care and patient satisfaction, and effective communication through signage is one of the best ways to meet those goals and comply with HIPAA laws and ADA requirements. Whether it’s identifying a space, room, or area, providing specific information and available services for patients, or pointing visitors in the right direction, Just Neon will make sure that your signs are highly visible, easy to read, and meet hospital signage standards. Digital signage can facilitate hospital communications and improve the patient and visitor experience throughout any healthcare complex.


Just Neon’s signage solutions improve guest experience by providing information and directions when and where they need it. Our digital signage and wayfinding work together to promote your brand throughout your restaurant, hotel, or attraction, and offer an enhanced customer experience for visitors.


Just Neon offers a full line of digital and other signage for corporate offices, including wayfinding, informational and directional signage. Our design team will work together with you to develop a complete sign package for new buildings and office remodels that will reflect your brand and complement your interior design. In addition, modular wiring installations for call centers and shared office spaces allow easy reconfiguration and remodel as necessary.

government signs

Just Neon’s traffic management system and digital signage can help you improve efficiency and enhance customer service, and clearly show customers when the next customer service representative is available for assistance. Informational and directional signage can help traffic flow and assist visitors by providing vital information and helping them easily find their destination.

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3 d letters

Our Specialization


Custom Engineering & Design

  • Plan review
  • Fixture take-offs
  • 3-D digital product prototypes in Autodesk Inventor©
  • CAD & 3D product development
  • Design concepts with software including Adobe Illustrator®
  • 3D prototypes

Custom Fabrication Services

  • 400 watt high-power laser cutting and engraving (acrylic fabrication, sheet metal laser cutting & 3D laser engraving)
  • Materials from classic wood to styrene, color acrylics, PVC foam, aluminum, steel & faux neon
  • PVC and aluminum extrusion
  • Laser and cutting
  • Heat and vacuum forming
  • Welding, punching, and shearing
  • CNC Routing

Digital Signage

  • Digital sign hardware
  • Software development
  • Content management systems

Graphics & Imaging Services

  • Adobe Illustrator design
  • Vinyl lettering
  • 4/C process digital color printing
  • Large format printing

Paints & Finishes

  • Painting
  • Staining
  • Powder coating

Delivery & Installation

  • International shipping
  • Easy-to-use manuals and specification guides for   all electrical products
  • Video demonstration for modular electrical   systems showing this innovative time-saving  state-of-the-art technology
  • Installation training DVDs & CD-ROMS
  • On-site training as required

Custom signage for your business can enhance, strengthen, and promote your brand and help your customers and visitors find what they need quickly and easily. Just Neon produces brilliant custom lighted department signs, on-shelf point-of-purchase (POP) displays, business directories, informational signs, seasonal and promotional signs, facilities markers and virtually any other interior signage you can imagine. Just Neon offers two types of lighted signs: traditional back-lit and edge-lit signs. Using the latest LED lighting technology, D&P Custom Lights has created an ultra-thin (no more than ½” thick) and extra bright sign with all the advantages of LED energy efficiency, long life, excellent color rendering and directional light. Both sign types can be created for single or double-sided display and can be mounted on the wall or hung from a ceiling or bracket. Edge-lit and back-lit.

Directional Signage

Along with aisle markers, Just Neon offers a wide variety of custom signage designed to help employees, customers and visitors find their way around any office complex, healthcare facility, public building  or retail store. Whether it’s restrooms, offices, exits, conference rooms or waiting areas, our graphic designers can develop attractive, personalized, branded signage to show the way.

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